Too much and yet not enough

1. We went to WEBS and didn't buy a single skein of yarn. I think we were saving ourselves for things to come. :) 2. Rhinebeck is my Disneyland. 3. We hit some booths prior to starting the systematic path through the vendors. I didn't have Briar Rose on that list because I hadn't knit the skein that I won last year for Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo. I deeply regretted that decision later, as they were a little bare by Saturday afternoon. If they had been selling their samples I would have bought everything. 4. To her credit, Marisa did not once utter the word "both" (a word that helped get me into a lot of trouble at Stitches West). I bought both anyway (two separate days). In that vein, Shelridge Farm wins for "booth we spent the most money at" and "nicest vendors ever" (a tall task when talking about yarnies - they're all so great!) I deeply coveted a pattern only offered as a kit, and Buffy gave it to me anyway since I was buying yarn for a different sweater. I ended up going back on Sunday to get the yarn for the pattern, and when I was talking to her about the yardage after I paid (making sure I had remembered the right amount), she shoved an extra skein in my bag just to make sure that I didn't run out of yarn. Yarn for #11 in Vogue Holiday 2007 (DK weight): teal DK Yes, it is in exactly the same color that I just knit my Tangled Yoke in. It is very different tactilely, and the color is fabulous, so I'm going with it anyway. :) I've already swatched - this is my next sweater up! The yarn I went back for (fingering weight): sally And for some house socks for Brad (DK): house socks 5. I am completely fascinated by Border Collie's and their "stare." I have the pictures of doggies to prove it. Seriously, I bought pictures of dogs and sheep. And took a couple: sheep dog trials 6. I'm doing a school project on Ravelry (for a business strategy class). My group members wanted me to do a survey and asked if I could get 20 people. I laughed, forgetting that while there were tons of people everywhere, I still had to TALK to them to get surveys. Carrie was a huge help, and Dana worked the crowd too in Morehouse Merino, and I think I have almost a hundred responses. I am looking forward to dumping them on the five guys in my group so that they can go through them. :) 7. I am proud to say that I only have yarn for one scarf and one pair of socks for me. My rules were to have none (I rarely knit scarves, and I have SO much sock yarn), and I knew I was in trouble when Marisa said she thought I should break my rules for this skein of sock yarn (bottom). I obliged. :) Totally worth it. (Every other time she said "Kris, you don't knit scarves" or "you have enough sock yarn!" which I needed to hear. :) ) socks scarf 8. The Ravelry/blogger meetup was insane. So many people. I talked to a lot more people than I would have since I was trying to get surveys done, which was a good thing. Totally exhausting, though. 9. I actually am not quite sure what all the fuss is about with the artichokes. The chicken pot pie, however.... yum! Ditto for maple sugar cotton candy. 10. The Ravelry party was insane. I cannot believe how much Jess and Casey accomplished! 11. Lani is lucky she's still an only dog (believe me, her preference). puppy This dog was so cute with it's short little legs and huge paws and sleepy eyes! If we wanted a second dog, a puppy (we got Lani as an adult) with good "herding instinct" I would have been all over that. Alas, none of those apply. 12. Stephanie's Kauni cardigan was even more amazing in person. Yarn Harlot (The only picture of me, Marisa, and Carrie - so blurry :( ) 13. I remain loyal to Brooks Farm Four Play - love this color! four play Also got some sock yarn for Brad at Brooks Farm: brooks farm sock yarn 14. I got the last skeins of the purple Cormo Alpaca talked about here. So wonderful. cormo alpaca 15. I got some 100% cormo for a squishy lovely hat because I thought I should: cormo 16. I bought hat yarn for Brad (wool/angora), but realized when I got home that the yarn perfectly matches a 100% cashmere woven (machine) scarf that I picked up from a vendor ($20!), so maybe not for him anymore... angora 17. Got some gorgeous silk for a steal - we all got some: silk 18. I am simultaneously sad that its over and relieved to be home. Look what happened while I was gone! I've been writing this outside enjoying the leaves and the strangely warm weather (so annoying when trying to wear wool sweaters, but much appreciated today). *I wrote the text on Monday and added the pictures today. Today is much less warm. tree

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  • Kris went yarn crazy! You got some beautiful stuff. Believe me, I wish I had bought more than the one skein at Briar Rose, now that the preview for the new IK is up there’s something I want to knit for which I wish I had yarn I saw there.

    And the puppy! Oh my goodness, so adorable!

  • “Rhinebeck is my Disneyland” would have made me spit out my soda (if I had been drinking any, which I’m not right now).

  • Wow, Rhinebeck sounds amazing. One of these years, I’ll make it. I just finished a project with Four Play…how does it wear? I’m concerned about pilling?

  • mimsie

    Sigh, what a boon! #13 makes me want to lick my monitor. (Don’t worry, I didn’t, work computer, blech) (um not that I would lick my Powerbook. really!)

  • Good luck w/ the surveys, I don’t know that my answers will help you, but you never know. It was great to meet you. It appears you had a great time and made some wonderful purchases. I made the mistake of really not having a conversation with the people that were on my card. For that, I apologize, but I will be a suscriber of your blog for the foreseeable future.