Happy Lunar New Year!

Friday was an off-Friday that involved work, thus negating the "off" part. I got a lot done, though, and was able to go home to some serious Jaywalker cuff knitting. By yesterday, I had turned the heel and was 8 rows beyond the end of the gusset decreases. Then, I noticed the pooling, the pink splotch and the yellow/blue splotch: pooling The sock was also a tad big around the foot. I put my Addi Turbo US1s (really a 1.5 - stupid US sizing) through the row after the gusset decreases were over, and ripped back. (I barely remembered to take the picture). My first Jaywalker was abandoned at the same point in order to avoid SSS, as outlined here. Since I was at the same point on both socks, and was moving them from DPNs (US 2) to two circs, it seemed logical to throw both on: two circs Of course, now my chance of finishing one (since now I have to do both) by Wednesday, in order to meet one singular goal this month, is not good. We walked over to Miramar College today to their festivities. It is still a little sad - growing up in Hawaii, New Year was a huge celebration over the entire weekend in Chinatown. Here, we don't actually have a Chinatown, and the celebrations are much less extravagant. I was very excited to see a real dragon dance (I don't like the little dragon guy on sticks - totally not the same thing). Dragon Dance One of the dragons danced in Lani's face, which was really cute (I was too slow with the camera). She was completely unaffected until some of the tassels on his face looked like they might touch her, and then she scooted back. We got a lot of food - we had meant to only do a little tasting, but basically ate an almost full lunch prior to meeting a friend from high school for lunch. A little unfortunate, but I couldn't turn down all the yummy Chinese food! Brad brought me a surprise on Friday night - in order to avoid what happened last time, he just brought them to me. roses

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