US Sweater Team!

Those of us who are making sweaters that aren't cabled or fair isled for the Knitting Olympics now have our own button, thanks to Jen of Jenla. sweater team button Buttons are making me happy this week. :) I'm also in a pretty good mood because I escaped the confines of work last night (not without some guilt) to go to Annie Modesitt's combination knitting class. I had actually knit my Phildar Ribbon Cardigan using combination knitting, but when Marisa mentioned the class, I couldn't resist the opportunity to meet Annie and learn whatever I could from her. She was great - she is an excellent teacher, learning her history was so interesting, and I learned a new way to cable without a cable needle. She is an impossibly fast knitter. When she said she was knitting entire sweaters in a weekend, I thought she was talking about chunky sweaters. Then I saw her knit. Wow. I got my two books signed (Confessions of a Knitting Heretic and Cheaper Than Therapy), bought another locking kacha kacha counter, which I LOVE, and then called work to make sure I didn't have to come back. Mercifully, I didn't, so Marisa and I went to the Whistlestop to get a beer. Except I had $4 on me, Marisa had no cash, and the ATM at the Whistlestop was non-functional. So, we went across the street to Rebecca's, who also only takes cash, but you can get two cups of tea for $3.50. :) It was nice to sit down and catch up - I missed having knit night this week. We're all going out to dinner tonight for Marisa's birthday, so I'm excited for more catching up tonight. I also made progress on the second Jaywalker. I was depressed since I had been working on my 10 rows of ribbing since Sunday. But now, I'm on the patterning, I've made some progress, and it is good. second sock I have to commit to a red scarf tomorrow. That's my first deadline - the Jaywalkers are due on the 14th, but the Olympics start on the 10th, so I'd rather be done by then. I need more knitting hours.

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