Socks that Rock… or not

This one clearly rocks: waving lace sock It fits great now, and I have 22 g left. I started with 52 g, so I used 30 g for the foot. I have the idea that knowing that will help me somehow with my cuff down socks, but since one is over 64 stitches, the other over 76, I'm not sure how yet. Speaking of cuff down... pooling I'm a little less than thrilled with the pooling - I was hoping for them to look more like Cara's sock here, which is the same exact yarn. So my question to you jaywalkers out there - how long did you go before you found you couldn't put the sock on? Right now, I can get it easily over my heel, and it could even be tighter around my leg, but clearly, I'm not very far into the cuff. I'm thinking that maybe if I make up a smaller size (I figure I can do 6 stitches between the increases/decreases instead of 7), I might solve the pooling problem. I'm already on US 1s, which for me is pretty small (I'm a tight knitter, so normally I end up using one size above suggested needle size), and I like the fabric I'm getting now, just not the pooling. Anyway, the two socks on two circular thing has gotten easier now that there's more fabric, but clearly the major downfall is that I had to knit twice as much to get to this point where I think things might not be working out. I'm taking these with me on my trip, but they're probably not going to get as much focus until I figure this one. Look what I found when I was in Bakersfield (my dad actually suggested that we go to the yarn store - he was kidding, but he said it, so we went). blue chibi I had no idea they came in clear blue! Before any of you ask, I bought one for me, one for my sister, and one to give away in a contest that I haven't figured out yet. I cannot get anymore because my father will disown me if I call him and ask him to pick up chibis for me. :P Anyway, this one has the standard large bent tipped needles, so it's only exciting if you have a chibi problem (and a blue problem!) like I clearly do.

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  • Cel

    Just letting you know, baby may be here by tomorrow (Monday) keep your fingers crossed :)

  • Wow, Clover finally realized we are suckers and will buy as many chibis as possible!!

  • The blue chibi sure is cool.

  • Don’t worry about the pooling at the ribbing – mine did exactly the same thing – look at the picture you linked to! It takes a couple of repeats but the stripes will come out – I promise.

    See, now, I could care less about the chibi – I just wanted the little tapestry needles. I swear!

  • Oh and don’t start worrying about the size until you’ve done the heel. The ribbing will totally tighten up. Again – my socks COMPLETELY pooled at the ribbing – don’t worry about that at all. I did mine on 1s in the small size.

  • I always laugh when I see the pictorial instructions for putting the needles in the case.

  • Mine’s doing some pooling too, but it’s kinda subtle so I “decided” to be ok with it. =) I’ve got about 3 inches done, still goes over my foot but have noticed it needs a tiny tug.

  • mel

    ooo, I haven’t really cared much about the orange or pink ones, but um, the blue, yeah, gotta have the blue. And by the way, I’ve been having a problem with my jaywalkers… but in size, not pooling, and I moved down to a size ZERO needle (yuck). I don’t know HOW in god’s name I was so dense as to not think to put 6 stitches inbetween repeats as opposed to 7. I can be so dim! But thanks for vocalizing… maybe I’ll rip (AGAIN).

  • mel

    by the way– am I the only soul whose jaywalkers were too big and not too tight?

  • CJ

    Too funny. I just bought a clear blue one and a clear green one on Friday. I haven’t found the orange one yet. I’m a sucker for these cute containers. =)