Book Signing

Yesterday was the start of the West Coast installment of the Yarn Harlot on Tour. Entering a room full of strangers is always a difficult thing for me (I'm definitely on the introverted side), so I can't imagine what it must be like for Stephanie, who claimed to be quite nervous (but was an excellent speaker). Stephanie She amused us with funny stories, some from the book, some not, that we can of course all relate to. Some of us more than others, probably. My dad once picked up the book, randomly opened a page, and was a little weirded out that the page perfectly described me and the way our Midwest road trip was planned around yarn shops just as much as it was planned around relatives. Luckily Brad understands such things - we should all be relieved that I wasn't blogging when I was planning the wedding. If that crafting insanity didn't drive him away, no amount of knitting will (I made pretty much everything but my dress). Anyway, the reading was wonderful, and I shopped while waiting for the line for signatures to die down. I know, shop in a yarn store - shocking. The only thing I bought for me was a row counter, though - I have more projects going on right now than I do row counters. Knitters are just awesome. A whole year could go by with me wearing hand knits to work with no one noticing, and now, I wouldn't care (okay, not much). Just 30 minutes hanging around produced 19 shades of red on my face, I'm sure. Rosita was worth every second of effort to get done in time for the signing. I did finally talk to Inky and Kris - just in time for them to leave San Diego. I kind of suck at meeting people (I swear if everyone weren't so friendly, I would never actually talk to anyone at knitting meetups - I'm generally not a "first hello" kind of gal). Man, all of my social anxieties are coming out in this post. In my defense, I'm a software engineer. A lot of us are like this. Anyway, so it was finally my turn to meet Stephanie, and I hope I didn't make too much of an ass (or "arse") of myself - I might have possibly come off a little stalkerish because I brought her Wasabi rice crackers. Please tell me I'm not the only one that remembered that she liked them from her 100 things list. In my defense, I grew up in Hawaii, where I'm pretty sure one of my first solid foods was rice crackers (or "kakimochi"), so that stuck out in my head. Stephanie commented on yesterday's post last night saying that I was neither stalkerish or crazy, which made me wonder why she chose those words - then I remembered that it was one of my monthly goals, which then made me giddy because that means not only did she look at my blog again (and commented!), she had skimmed at least a month back. (I say "again" because she follows links from her commenters - Inky walked away from the signing table saying "she reads my blog!" in disbelief. :) We all have a little bit of hero worship going on, I think.) Anyway, here we are. The lighting is bad in this picture (I think the photographer's finger might have been partially covering the flash), but when I tried to fix it, I just made it look worse, so here it is untouched. Stephanie and Kris Isn't Birch lovely? I'm pretty sure Stephanie sold a lot of "crack-silk haze" for the Grove. What a great way to spend the afternoon. The evening was spent cramming in quality time with Brad (the only reason I didn't post the second I got home). He had a whole day and a half off from school - he starts his second summer session today. Monthly goals tomorrow (this was way more important to post!)

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  • I’m sorry I missed it – thanks for calling yesterday! Things have just been crazy-insane over here… I’m glad you had a good time!

  • ROsita looks awesome!!!

  • Yay you got a chance to meet Stephanie! She’s fantastic. I made a fool of myself at her signing – and I felt really awkward going in for the exact same reasons as you mention. I’m sure at least 50% of knitters are on the introverted side!

  • Kristen

    I saw your sweater at the signing yesterday. It was so beautiful…it really caught my eye! Great job!

  • Your sweater is beautiful – I looked at your completed knitting projects and what progress and growth you have made – very talented!
    I am envious you were able to hear Stephanie and receive the ultimate compliment from her. What an experience. I enjoyed reading some of your blog also.

  • Your Rosita sweater is really lovely. I have a feeling that pattern is going to move right to the top of MY list….!

  • Mel

    your sweater is beautiful even in the bad lighting. Hey… question about knitting in class… any professors ever get Teed off about it? Do you sit in the back or ask permission first? Never been able to knit in public but I think about the seven hours a week I’ll be in classes this fall and thing… that’s seven hours of knitting time!!!
    What’s a girl to do?

  • Denise

    Kris–Did you see Stephanie’s blog for 8-1 about losing her sandal? Is there anyway you can figure out where she stayed and sweet-talk her hotel into retrieving her sandal and sending it on to her?–Denise