Happy Birthday, Brad!

Today, Brad is 27. This is the beginning of the two month period in which I tease him mercilessly for being "two years older than me" (it's really only 14 months). I'm often surprised that he puts up with me, but here are ten reasons why I put up with him. 1) He takes care of all things food. He does the grocery shopping, cooks healthy dinners, packs our lunches, does the dishes, and cleans the kitchen. He reads labels to make sure we keep my cholesterol in check and there's always lots of healthy food for us. 2) He works really hard at everything he does. I honestly don't remember studying in college half as much as he does, and he is doing so well. He still saves energy to excel at work - his boss calls him to ask questions about how to operate equipment (and he's an intern!). 3) He has mastered the "wow, I'm so interested in the yarn/knitting/cross-stitch/sewing thing that you're showing me right now" look, although he really could care less. 4) He thinks I'm beautiful (and tells me so), regardless of what kind of shape I'm in. 5) He values cuddle time. 6) He takes really good care of Leilani. It's obvious that she adores him. 7) He's willing to drive for hours while I knit or sleep. 8) If I need to stay up late to finish a project, he keeps me company. 9) He gives the best massages. 10) He loves me and tells me every day. Brad and Lani

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