The coolest part about the Ravelry party is that I won a door prize! Door prize Bob immediately got lost in a sea of yarn: Bob yarn On Sunday, Bob found that not everyone was excited to see him: Kangaroo Butt Except for the people that really matter, of course: Stephanie Cara and Ann You gotta love being around people who don't even blink when you ask them to take a picture with Bob. :) I had to leave all too soon on Sunday, and Bob and I left (after a scare with Sven where I couldn't figure out what I changed my password to when I was prompted to do so at the Rav party - I should note that I had busted out Sven to check the Michigan score, not look at work email). I went straight back to work in Baltimore. I miss Brad and Lani something awful, but I'm so glad I went to Rhinebeck.

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